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3/20/05 11:25 pm - sailorsaturn - The Story of theblackwidower

Just reading his journal account is bad enough. Want to know why from this point forward I really despise him? He friends my account, unbeknownst to me I added him back... not as a friend at all but for the fact that I have a preliminary rule that when someone friends my account, I'd friend them back by default. After all, most people who I allow access to my journal are nice people. Not in this case at all.

Timmy, as he's known as, has a horrible reputation of friending people... hoping these people would friend back, then write the most crass, thoughtless, inane comments on user's entries. For the most part it's plain amusement and I simply ignore his comments or let my actual genuine LJ friends chew him out because I couldn't be bothered with his nonsense.

If you read Timmy's journal, you will realize that he is a person who lacks substance. He writes as if he knows true love more than anyone else on the Internet. He likes to stir up flames and online drama for the heck of things. But what annoys me is that he would start using usernames in vain in his entries. Where I drew the line was the fact that he would start writing crap about not only myself (I wouldn't care less) but he writes crap about my fiance. From there whenever I would reply back in defense, Timmy would screen my comments and write even more crass remarks within comments in his threads. Eventually he banned me as well as any person who doesn't agree with him, then writes that these people are too chicken to comment.

Personally I would like to take it straight to LJ abuse and have Timmy Perry permanently banned from LJ, and I know at least a hundred LJ users (I kid you not) who wants him gone. Frankly I have never reported anyone to abuse so I am unsure of the procedure taking place. So instead, I'm just going to let people reading this entry know about theblackwidower. Reading his journal alone will make anyone with working backbone understand how rude & utterly immature this person is.

End rant.

10/14/04 04:48 pm - liquidedfire


9/19/04 03:53 pm - liquidedfire

my mom wouldnt let me leave the house today and i took a nap. and i dont no wat stance to take on gat marraige...i have a christian duty and salso so many gay and bi friends. I know one couple with a kid.......stupid polititions!!! Vote howard DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/16/04 01:55 am - zach99998

Here is my loser dream from my 3 hour nap that lasted from 4:45-7:30. It's actually the second dream I had in two sessions, but I can't remember enough of the first to tell the story.

So I am lurking around what appears to be a castle. There are many walls and doors, passages on the outside. I have a gun and I am avoiding someone. I finally get caught, and shot in the arm or something (it hurts, but afterwards there is no gunshot wound anywhere). The cops are right there and I just give up. I feel as if I were Jason Bourne and could escape if I really wanted, but I just gave up. They were friendly to me then and let me handcuff myself. I put the left one on very loosely, and the right one too tight. I thought I'd be able to escape, but I looked at my hands and they were bigger than usual (I was putting on gloves today to hold a human brain and Dr. Lewis said she only had medium, so it fit tightly. I told her I had big hands. This is probably where that period in the dream came from). I was supposed to be in jail, but suddenly I was in a restaurant (I can't remember which one, but its a popular one). There was a section closed out, and I remembered that this section was where there was a gunfight from me FIRST dream. I noticed a small child going into that section, and starting to pick up the gun I had in that first dream. I remembered that it was loaded, so I went in there too (in my mind I knew this was a big no-no, to go into this area. Like I felt like I was under arrest the whole time in this restaurant). I stopped him from getting the gun. Shea worked at the restaurant and was surprised to see me, and was all sorry that I got arrested. I showed him the area. I went around the back to get to the area, and pick up some guns (I don't know why, I liked guns in this dream). Shea caught me and stopped me from getting a gun. That's all I remember. It's a loser dream because I got shot and arrested.

In my first dream, it was weird. I fell asleep on my futon at 4:45, and in my dream, I woke up at my desk. I thought I had actually woken up from my nap, as it was like 5:30. I spent the majority of the dream thinking I was actually awake. I updated my journal twice, but at some point realized I was probably still dreaming. I was in the cafeteria at school, and the main chef, who was a dude, offered me some shark fin soup to try. I tried it. It was dry and tasteless. I then realized that the cafeteria looked like the restaurant in the Isle of Capri Casino. Back to my computer. I remember typing something really important in my Livejournal and telling myself "remember this so that when you wake up you will know what it says" but I didn't remember it. I woke up at some point and had my second dream.

9/15/04 11:00 pm - liquidedfire - oh mah gah!

I had political buddhists arguing in mah living room and it gawt really bad and i yelled at the grown men like they were children cause no one messes w/ me on buddhist concepts cause i was raised on that shit. Im a christian now but that doesnt mean ive forgotten any thin at all. I was so mad an i shut em up then thay went home.

9/15/04 04:57 pm - liquidedfire

justin needs to post.

9/15/04 04:53 pm - liquidedfire

baby i fell on my ass on the board walk today ands it hurted!!!

9/15/04 03:40 pm - zach99998

My professor for Brain and Behavior is Dr. Lewis, and she hates men and republicans and tobacco companies openly during her lectures (ok, just Bush and tobacco companies and alcohol really). Before class, I decided to make fun of her by sarcastically saying "THATS SO FUNNY MRS LEWIS" loud, as if she had told a joke that wasn't funny, which she usually does. Guess I shouldn't have done that as she was coming into the class.

I don't know if she hates me or not

9/15/04 01:44 am - zach99998

I lost $8 playing poker because I suck

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